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Best Shopify Premium Themes 2021

When it comes to choose the best Shopify theme for your store, you may start feeling like searching for the best fish in the ocean. Many options, many advices, too many experts with too many different (affiliated) views. The good news is that there’s always a way. We’ve been there.

Well, we’ll keep it simple.

“The best Shopify Themes are fast, flexible, and very well-designed.”

Daniel D Ciolac – founder Kloonk Technologies

How to pick the best Shopify Theme

When choosing the best Shopify Theme, always consider the factors below:

  • Performance first
  • Design Flexibility and Functionalities
  • Match Company’s Branding 

From fast loading speeds with enhanced mobile experience to high demand functionalities and design flexibilities, the final store design must reflect your branding.

Best Shopify Themes 2021

1. Turbo Theme – by OutOfTheSandbox

Turbo Shopify Premium Theme - Shopify Agency UK

Turbo is a premium theme and an excellent choice for any size shops. From one product to large inventories and high volume stores, Turbo deliver top performance, high-demand functionalities and outstanding design flexibility.

2. Impulse Theme – by Archetype

Impulse Shopify Theme - Shopify Agency UK - Kloonk

The design of Impulse theme is fully optimised for a terrific mobile experience and working just as well on desktops. With powerful features, minimal and modern design, Impulse theme help any size stores to create an online presence that look and sell as effectively as any top brands. 

3. Flex Theme – by OutOfTheSandbox

Flex is the most advanced and highly customisable Premium Shopify theme on the market. Working very well for both small and large inventories, Flex offers endless design possibilities powered by the ultimate control over the look and feel of any Shopify store. 

In conclusion

This is our overview of the things anyone should consider when choosing a Shopify theme for a store and our 2021 top Shopify themes we’re looking forward to work with.

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