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Project under development.

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Volta Scooters is a manufacturer of electric scooters based in UK.

Founded in 2020, Volta has evolved rapidly to one of the leading UK direct to consumer (D2C) brands, with an expected annual revenues over £1m.

We designed and developed Volta Scooters with Shopify and are thrilled to be working with the team.

Design & Development

Private Apps & Automated Operational Process

We implemented a suite of private Shopify apps to optimise the Shopify platform and help automate operational processes. Private Shopify apps developed for Volta include product upload, product merchandising and returns management tools.

Desktop Version

Coming Soon
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Mobile Version

Coming Soon
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Client Feedback

“Kloonk is developing our website on Shopify and continue to support our eCommerce operation, with custom app development and integrations. They provide a consistent level of great support and work closely with our in house IT team to ensure that our website provides the very best possible customer experience. We are really excited about the outcome and can't wait to see it live.”
G. Patron
Operations Manager, Volta Scooters

Business Facts

Founding Year

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